We love our community.


PRISM prides itself on being an enthusiastic collaborator with organizations doing great work in our town. We are excited to propel their individual missions through our offerings, and are appreciative for what they do to make the world a happier place. 



ARTWALK's Crosswalks

Amos Garret & West Street | ArtWALK W/ Studio 39

PRISM got a colorful shoutout in the nearby street art of Sally Wern Comport of Art at Large, Inc. Comport and Chuck Walsh, co-founders of ARTWALK, worked with students from high school PVA program Studio 39, Homestead Gardens, and other local artists to create a public art installation that brightens the neighborhood and encourages pedestrian safety.

You can find out more about the project at annapolisartwalk.org. 


the Harbour School

The mission of the Harbour School is to provide a supportive, caring and individualized education to students with learning disabilities, autism, speech and language impairments and other disabilities in grades one through 12. The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child rather than asking the child to adapt to an existing program.

Working in the arts, its clear individuals can thrive and communicate beyond traditional means, which is why we whole-heartedly support Harbour School's program offerings. It was our absolute pleasure at PRISM hosting our intern and we encourage other small businesses to participate in such programs. Learn more at harbourschool.org.

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Join the meetup

PRISM is proud to be a welcoming home base for this fantastic group of local photographers. Our space is perfect for hosting workshops, regular meetings, and renting studio time for photoshoots. With our location central to Annapolis's bustling dowtown and some lovely natural wonders, photographers of all skill levels can build community and learn from other photographers during adventurous excursions.

Learn more here.


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