Youtube Review Night for Tweens

at Prism Annapolis

This fun evening for tweens ages 8-12 is everything they love about social media but with REAL life social interactions. We’ll get messy, creative, dramatic, and imaginative. We’ll create three videos, a DIY tutorial, a challenge video, and a review video. Our participants will star in, create, and help produce these videos.

Want to know more? Watch this video all about this one of a kind event!

Our very first Youtube Review night for Tween at Prism Annapolis was a huge success!

Everyone who attended did a fantastic job following directions. Acting and video creating isn’t an easy task. We asked a lot of these tweens and they really came through and shined. We were able to create and add seven new videos to our youtube channel blowing away our goal of three videos. Check out our recap and videos below.

GIF Photo booth

We started our event with a GIF photo booth. This helped everyone get warmed up and more comfortable in front of the camera. Something tells me they were warmed up and ready to go upon arrival! ;)

Does it Stink?

We made up our own rules and used the smell cards from the game What’s that smell. We asked ourselves does it stink and do we give it a good or bad rating. We were also looking for reactions. Reaction videos are always fun and when your smell card smells like garlic, garbage, or moth balls you never know what will happen. See these fun reactions below!

Run Challenge Snake Style

****This video comes with a trigger warning.**** If snakes aren’t your thing this might not be for you. If you can tolerate plush pink snakes that are sequins and sparkles then maybe you’ll be ok. You’ll have to watch and see. Try not to laugh!

Impromptu Circle Sing-a-long

These kids brought the drama in the most positive way and started a fun sing-a-long with Happy Llama, Sad Llama, totally Rad Llama. Not everyone knew the song so friends helped friends learn and we also created new llama inspired dance moves. Cute is an understatement for this fun video!

Baby Shark

Okay, we had to. Watch at your own risk because this song certainly sticks to your brain. So consider yourself warned that you may be singing this to yourself for rest of the day.

DIY Shrinky dink Tassel Key Chains

We had a blast creating fun and fashionable keychains. Everything with a tassel is in fashion right? There were cupcakes, pizzas, and unicorns all shrunk down into pocket size key chain bling. Want to make your own? Watch our fun DIY.